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Day One 28 July 2006

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Yesterday we were in Southampton, and it was fantastic. So many people turned up, and I even got to epilate a construction worker which was hilarious!


The crowds from Southampton were so lovely and friendly.  We challenged one poor guy to see if he could identify his girlfriend’s legs from two of her mates (all standing behind our special ‘boyfriend curtain’ to hide their top halves). Bless him; he only guessed the right legs for one girl! I think they forgave him though.


There were some fantastic legs on display and I think it will be difficult to beat some of them.  If you think you’ve got the best legs in the UK, then come along and impress me 🙂.  We’re in Milton Keynes today, and I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow, and then Bristol at the weekend.


Looking forward to meeting you!

Kate x



1. Laura - 31 July 2006

get a life everyone, its just a competition! theres no need to be so negative to it and its runners. go my big sis! whoooo! (the one at the end of the page) good luck to everyone, Laura H x

2. Yulia - 31 July 2006

Nice blog, thx for your comment on our diary website.
What can I say about legs, it’s everything for my models career 🙂

3. Dom - 1 August 2006

I think the girl at the bottom is the hottest. If only she played beach soccer on the Isle of Wight then she would be the perfect woman!
Oh well guess I’ll never find that perfect woman.


PS: I have good legs so please add me 😉

4. D.K - 6 August 2006

Rach h from Southampton hey! just stopped by to check out what all the fuss was about! “GULP” what a lovely picture,you have by far the best legs I have ever seen! I bet you get up every morning thinking good god im LUCKY! anyway hope all is well and you have done really well in your footie. Thinking of you . XxXxX

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