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Braun has revealed new research that calculates the perfect pair of legs based on a scientific equation. In Hollywood, the formula awards Jennifer’s pins with the X-factor and we’re now looking for Britain’s Best Legs

The model for the formula is: (T / C) x (F + S) = I 

Looks complicated? Well it’s not really! The equation is broken down into three variables: (T / C) the thigh-to-calf ratio, (F) super fine feel/texture of the skin and (S) semi-gloss sheen.

The formula, based on the aesthetic analysis of the female leg revealed that 14.67 is the ultimate ‘pin number’ and we’ve discovered that A list celeb Jennifer Aniston has the legs to match!

Perfect Pin Number = (1.63) x (5 + 4) = 14.67 = THE IDEAL PIN NUMBER

According to the new study we can exclusively reveal what men really think about our legs! 70% of men surveyed said they prefer a thigh-to-calf ratio of 1.63-to-1. Which means they desire legs that are different in shape and consistency to their own thus curves and a fuller shape are characteristics they identify as feminine and attractive! Conversely, 62% of women preferred a thinner leg with thigh-to-calf ratio of 1.20.

Unlike some of our friends in Europe, men and women in the UK like female legs silky smooth and hair free. Interestingly, both men and women see eye to eye in regards to texture, with 82% of men preferring a super fine texture and 78% of women thought it was desirable too. In terms of sheen, 48% of men preferred legs with a semi-gloss sheen.

The study also revealed amazingly that women class long, thin legs with prominent calf muscles as the perfect leg and unless they have ultra-thin legs like Victoria Beckham or Gisele they feel men will not find them attractive. In fact, the study revealed that this is not the case, men don’t find this look attractive; to men ‘thin’ just isn’t in!

Dr. Aric Sigman commented, “For men, the ideal leg is shapely, full, and smooth with a semi-gloss sheen. Women want the same thing, only two sizes smaller. “

T /C       Thigh-to-Calf Ratio

The thigh-to-calf ratio is equal to 1.63:1 which was the shape preferred by 70% of men. This leg is medium sized and proportioned and the research shows that men desire legs that are different in shape and consistency to their own thus curves and leg fat are characteristics they identify as feminine and attractive. Conversely, 62% of women preferred a thinner leg with thigh-to-calf ratio of 1.20:1. Often the mark of the supermodel, this leg, known as the ‘thin-pin,’ only appealed to 4% of men.

F             Super Fine Feel/Texture

Preferences in skin texture were made on a 5-point scale based on the texture of sandpaper as a guide.

  1. Coarse = 1 point
  2. Medium = 2 points
  3. Fine = 3 points
  4. Extra fine = 4 points
  5. Super fine = 5 points

82% of men agreed that the super fine feel was desirable and it was given top marks (5 points) for the formula – basically, the smoother the better. Interestingly, men and women see eye to eye in regards to texture as 78% of women thought the super fine feel/texture was desirable. Unlike some of our friends in Europe, men and women in the UK like female legs silky smooth and hair free.

S          Semi-gloss Sheen

Preferences in leg skin sheen were made on a 4-point scale based on the sheen levels of paint classification.

  1. Gloss = 4 point
  2. Semi-gloss = 3 points
  3. Satin = 2 points
  4. Flat matt = 1 point

48% of men preferred legs with a semi-gloss sheen and thus it has 4 points in regards to the formula.

When these variables are put into the formula the equation reads as such:

(1.63) x (5 + 4) = 14.67 = THE IDEAL PIN NUMBER

Additional Stats:

The study showed 70% of men prefer medium size and proportioned legs, compared with only about half as many women (38%). Two thirds of women (62%) prefer thin legs as opposed to only 4% of men. Interestingly, more than a quarter (26%) of men preferred either large thighs, large calves or solid looking ‘cylinder’ legs … while only 10% of women shared this view.



1. Isabelle - 28 July 2006

Is it important what men think of my legs? Surely the most important thing about my legs is they allow me to walk, not their rating in some pseudo scientific advertisement!

2. Dave Morgan - 6 September 2006

I have some concerns about this formula.
1) The entry form requires “mid-thigh size” (assume circumference)
The “preferred” thigh/calf ratio is 1.63, stated as that of Jennifer Aniston’s acclained pair. Did someone actually measure her legs? If this were done, I suggest that this ratio might approximate that of her UPPER thigh/ calf. Her mid-thigh number is likely between 1.45 and 1.50. The 1.63 might apply, for example, to the lovely Beyonce.
2) Anything missing ? Great legs simply cannot exist without fine ankes. This formula ignors the ankle completely, and I humbly suggest if Braun holds another event it might be wise to include that ratio as well.
3) I assume other features might are considered at least equal to texture and sheen (I trust you consider these during the actual in-person evaluations) Knees, alignment, definition/detail, and overall impression might be considered. Thanks

3. Muffins - 21 February 2007

Actually, I think the LENGTH of the legs are more important than fine ankles. The formula is flawed as it does not consider the distance between the UPPER( I agree with Dave on this) thigh and the calf region. A girl may have a T/C ratio of 1.63, but if her thighs and calf are only 1 foot apart, her legs will more likely look like ice-cream cones than the legs of a model who has a 1.63 ratio but much, much longer legs.

4. longlegged girl - 19 March 2007

what about the lenght of brain?..doesnt touch a man? the lenght of kinddness?..
very deep talk..

5. Beyonce - 30 December 2007

Do legs really matter that much??
I think personality is so much more important.

6. Satan - 24 April 2008

They are merely trying to convey the idea that certain qualities will INITIALLY ATTRACT a mate. It sounds like a bunch of whiny imbeciles in here, and also, this is not pseudo-scientific if the study was done correctly. Pseudoscience is something like intelligent-design, or something else coming from religion.

7. dgada - 25 October 2008

cylinder legs are usualy a sign of good body proportions. for example, kelly monaco was the winner of dancing with stars and she has cylinder legs. her well balanced body was an important advatage. but not many women have this type of legs. men like cylinder legs but not as much as normal ones, probably because the women with normal legs have better hips for delivering a child.

8. BB:) - 5 October 2009

Well what you guys are saying is true. Legs arn’t always a feature that men look for, face, hair, smile, even feet can be attractive to men. Even smell of a women. But we can all agree on one thing stick legs are just ugly!! 😛

9. Ghislaine - 29 January 2010

Ankles, definitely, yes. But what about a nice smile and personality?

10. cris - 22 March 2011

Are yous actually kidding? japan just had a tsunami who gives a crap about leg ratios! u clearly have way 2 much free time!

11. Steve - 12 April 2011

Great legs are the ultimate turn-on. Nice smiles, hair or personality don’t get my juices flowing like a sensual pair of legs. And if you think we should not be discussing what interests us because “Japan just had a tsunami” then what are you doing on this site? We’re all going to die some day. In the meantime enjoy what there is.

12. Math geek - 3 December 2011

I’d generally agree with the concept but unfortunately you don’t seem to understand the maths: Using your formula the ‘ideal pin number’ can be obtained from a rather disproportionate and coarse leg. 7.335 x (1+1) = 14.67. This would appear to be a very large thigh on a tiny calf with dull, hairy skin in a poor condition… not my idea of attractive.

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